“If you were new to the region, wouldn’t it be great to have a charming guide with a golden voice and depth of knowledge that could rival the local library stacks? This passion for her own native landscape is exactly what inspired Gretchen Carr to start the Traversecityist.” Chelsea Pegues, Women Who Podcast Magazine, Spring 2024

“Looking forward to following along, as the tapestry of the history of this community is woven into the present.” Sleeping Bear Saunas

“There’s a place in northern Michigan, Benzie County, that captures spirits like none other. One was mine, captured 33 years ago and held tightly ever since. Another’s was Gretchen Carr, who was raised here. Gretchen prepared an episode of her podcast that finds that distinctive Benzie spirit in a natural foods restaurant like none other. Hearing all the voices I know so well. Learning the dimensions of the story she tells. Marvelous stuff. First time I came here in September 1990, as a young man, this county just reached in and held me. All those people you note are dear dear friends. This is just such a memorable production. Well done in every way” K. Schneider on Episode 7, Northern Delights

I love this podcast about our city. I enjoy the in-depth look at things that make it a real, thriving place to live and not just a tourist destination.” M. Kelly

“So thoughtfully crafted and beautifully presented! M. Magic

“Your voice and storytelling is so fluid and content well woven from an interesting mix of perspectives.” L. Bishop on Episode 4, Public Art

“Gretchen has an uncanny ability to find the hidden gems of our region and knows how to weave a compelling story.” Nature is my Jam

“The people of our area our diverse and fascinating, excited to follow this and learn more about my birthplace beyond what I know.” M. Lulu

“Gretchen takes a fresh look at what makes this region special.” Y. Gulia